DroneMobile RSD-3100S w/ Blade-AL Bypass


Send remote start and lock and unlock commands to your vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world using your compatible smartphone with the DroneMobile RSD-3100S-KIT. GPS locate your vehicle for added security and receive text, email or push notices in the event your alarm sounds.

Product Features

Control your vehicle with your Smartphone

The free iOS and Android Smartphone application will lock, unlock, open the trunk and remote start your vehicle.

GPS track your vehicle with your Smartphone

With GPS the Smartphone app will display your vehicle's exact location on a map, route directions and notify you if your vehicle arrives or departs at pre-determined points-of-interests.

Will also notify you if your vehicle arrives or departs at boundaries with geo-fencing. (Requires premium subscription plan)

Display your vehicle's status with your Smartphone

An at a glance status showing your vehicle's door, hood and trunk status, locked or unlocked status, vehicle signal strength, temperature, battery voltage and nearest address.

Monitor your vehicle's activity with your Smartphone

Receive push and text notifications in the event of an alarm alert, engine status change, low battery, service reminder, speed violation, points-of-interest or geo-fence.

All alerts can be easily customized from within the app.


Includes a Verizon powered cellular and GPS module (DR-3100), a remote start and keyless entry system (FT-7200S-CONT), a back-up remote transmitter, a temperature sensor, an iDatalink BLADE-AL CAN Bus and transponder bypass.

Backed by the Verizon network

The cellular and GPS module (DR-3100) connects to the Verizon network for unmatched coverage. Complimentary 90 days free basic service included. Plans available for as little as $3.3 per month.

Monthly subscription Prices

1-Year Basic Plan Price $49.993-Year Basic Plan Price 99.99 (33% savings/year)
1-Year Premium Plan Price. Adds vehicle tracking. $119.99
3-Year Premium Plan Price, Adds vehicle tracking $299.99 (17% savings/year)
*Plans are subject to change.


What's Included

CDMA module (DR-3100)
Remote start control module (FT-7200S-CONT)
iDatalink BLADE-AL CAN Bus and Transponder Bypass, 4-button remote & antenna
Temperature sensor


Basic remote start and security installation are included (Prices include cost of basic installation, additional parts and labor are usually required based on vehicle make, model and year.)