Member Testimonials

"Why be a MESA member simple....."

1- You will make LOTS more money than you do now!
2- You have be able to pull from the best dealers and advisors in the nation and use their expertise and resources as one, if you need help
3- MESA group shares advertising and market information that WORKS and in some cases gives it to you completed, ready to hang, print, or send or how ever you want to provide it to your customers
4- MESA has a annual seminar in the fall that will change your business life forever not to mention put 10X what it cost back in your pocket before the end of the year
5- MESA negotiates great deals and programs for you that puts LOTS of money in your pocket EVERY quarter all you have to do buy from the vender that support the group
6- MESA puts a complete Black Friday package together for you that is turn key all you do is open up and ring up the sales!
7- MESA ask it's members what is most important things that need addressed next and then reacts accordingly
8- MESA is on time and gets shit done!

Let me say this I drug my feet joining because of the bad experiences of being a "member" of some other organization(s) who promised lots and delivered little or nothing. I was "ICE" cold to the idea for almost 2 years I spoke with a couple other members I could trust then I joined 4th quarter of 2013. I can tell you by being a member I put 2-3 times my annual dues back in my pocket in 9 months. Then to top that off the "Summit" in Colorado in Oct was the best learning experience I have attended in my 35 years in the business!!! Period! My car audio manager and I still talk about it every week and try to put something each week from in play. I can't say right this point how much that has put in my pocket today but for sure I am tracking a very nice profit swing upward and we just begun the processes we have been taught.

Don't be a fool join before we close the doors and are at the maximum dealer number. As Elmer Fud said... "you will be berry berry sorry!" This is as simple as it can be put.


-Kerry Schanz – WeeBee Audio & Video – PA


"Why would someone want to join MESA?"

My thoughts are why wouldn't someone want to join MESA? The group keeps growing and bringing more to the table each day. Sure you have the discounted pricing structures and rebates from the vendors like all buying groups claim. You also have access to the marketing material which is world class and grows more robust every day. What you can not put a price on is the valuable things we learn from networking with the best of the best across the country.

As well nothing beats having the email communication with those members to find those hard to get items you need at the last minute to close a deal or tech support on a troublesome vehicle or advice on how to handle a business issue you are facing. This is so much more than a buying or marketing group. This is simply the best group you could ever hope to be part of!


-Raymond Ladner – Empress Audio – MS


“Becoming a MESA Member was the best decision I have ever made. I now get to buy like Large Chains!”

Best decision I have ever made. Becoming a member of MESA has definitely improved my bottom line.

I get better buys, and VIR rebates on most purchases. These buys and rebates make the difference between making an OK profit and making a GOOD profit for my business!

My new MESA colleagues are more than just fellow members of an association. We share our successes and flops on all topics from promotions, products, buying, installation, and new categories. I have increased my bottom line 50% since joining!


-John Manso – Mobile Music – WA


“The Single Most Important Decision I've Ever Made For My Business Was... Joining MESA!”

Joining MESA is the single most important decision I have ever made for my business!!! The marketing materials, the camaraderie of the members and sharing of best business practices are amazing! The MESA Fit guide is like a license to print money.... These reasons alone more than cover the minimal costs involved....throw in the people that we have met and became friends with, get advice from and the special deals... it's a no brainer.

My business is up 40% since joining the group and I literally spend 5-8 hours less per week at the shop. It's hard to put a value on my personal family time but I will tell you that it is certainly worth more than the little bit I pay to be part of my other family – MESA.


-Mike Levitt – Rudy's Autosound – MT


“I once owned a Good Car Audio Business – Now I own a Great One!”

After joining MESA in late 2011 my sales were up over 20% for the first two years and we are on track to do it again! That is HUGE growth in just 3 years and I have to give a lot of that credit to MESA for making me better.

MESA is all about sharing and growing your business. If you aren't OK with simply doing what you have always done any longer, then I urge you to reach out to MESA and see if your territory is still available.

All I can tell you from my experience is that you won't regret it.


-Mike Irwin – Sound Waves – TN


“I simply can't sing the praises of this group enough.”

Q – Ever run out of something that you can't getBenKing-web from your vendors?
A – Another MESA member probably has it, and can get it to you right away.

Q – Ever come across a vehicle that you don't know how to handle?
A – A MESA member has probably seen that vehicle and is happy to share tech tips with you.

Q – Ever wonder what advertising or promotions are working for others?
A – MESA members will let you know what works for them and what doesn't.

I simply can't sing the praises of this group enough. MESA has had a tremendous impact on my purchasing, marketing, profitability, and understanding of what it takes to run a truly successful Car Audio Business. If your territory is not already taken you would be insane to not at least investigate if you are right for MESA and MESA for you.


-Ben King – Basin Electronics – NM


“MESA has been a MAJOR BLESSING to our business!”

Not only is it helping with our sales growth, it has also increased our profit margin on the lines that we already carried prior to becoming members. The special group buys allow us to make margins that were unheard of prior to membership. My business is up 10% and growing in my short time as a member.

MESA pays for itself – The rebates we have received thus far have tripled our member dues. We're literally being paid to be a member and getting loads of other benefits as well.

This alone would justify joining but when you look at all the marketing tools & programs, along with the ability to tap into some of the best minds in 12V, it's a no brainer. MESA is an absolute win for us!


-Omar Jawad – Sound Depot and Performance – FL


M.E.S.A. is the first and only Member-Owned buying and marketing group. Member benefits include:

  • Group buying power and discounts
  • Access to high quality promotional and marketing materials 
  • Access to MESA Fit
  • Exclusive access to MESA branded products
  • Vendor training videos
  • Networking with the best minds in the industry