Membership Benefits

M.E.S.A. Makes Members More Money

M.E.S.A. allows Member's to make more money by offering VIR programs and special opportunity buys only available to MESA Members. The way a retailer buys doesn't change: M.E.S.A. Members still buy from the same representative, using the same programs they have always had. M.E.S.A. Deals are layered in above and beyond a retailer's previously negotiated programs.


Member retailers enjoy a long list of benefits

You'll share ways to save money, increase efficiency and have access to essential marketing secrets.

MESA high quality, fully produced TV Commercials


M.E.S.A. Saves Members Time

M.E.S.A. saves Members time by providing world class marketing materials and education.

M.E.S.A. Marketing Materials
The M.E.S.A. Sale in a Box program is included with M.E.S.A. Membership

M.E.S.A. Marketing Materials
Essential Email Marketing Templates